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Finish the year off strong!

We’re ending 2022 with our most stacked cohort ever! Featuring some of the community’s favorite workshop hosts, exciting challenges, and early access to Creator Now 2.0 👀

Runs October 15th - November 26th

This bootcamp runs from October 15th - November 27th

Film school, reimagined for Youtube

YouTube's next-gen lives here.

Inside of our private community, you'll meet hundreds of other up & coming creators and unlock access to chats, videos, and audio rooms based on your niché, number of subscribers, and timezone. You'll also join a small accountability group & compete to hold each other to reaching your goals.

Learn from industry experts & top creators.

Every week, you'll get access to exclusive secrets, proven frameworks, and way, way more from top creators & their behind-the-scenes counterparts. You'll also compete to get your videos roasted by top creators and editors.

Work with top-tier brands.

Make more money earlier in your creator career by learning the ins and outs of the brand partnerships, how much to charge, what to share, and how to deliver a video that makes brands come back for more!

How our 6-week bootcamp works

Level up your creative process.

inside of our private community,

Make better videos in less time by learning the secrets of how to come up with banger ideas, organize your shoots, and execute your creative vision all while balancing your job, schoolwork, and social life.

Press publish consistently.

every week,

Within all of our bootcamps, your core task is to upload as much as you can (recommended: one LF video every week) while working to improve. Don’t worry though, you won't have to do it alone. You’ll compete alongside a team of other creators to keep the streak, grow your channel, and win the grand prize.

Learn from the best.

within our bootcamps,

For our final bootcamp of the year, we're bringing back some of the community's favorite hosts. Your mission - if you choose to take it - is to steal, combine, and innovate on frameworks from the world’s top creators and experts - enabling you to take consistent action towards achieving your goals.

The ultimate blueprint to becoming a full-time creator!

Get personalized feedback on your videos, titles, and thumbnails.

Tap into the community at any moment to get real-time feedback as you're putting your videos together. Publish consistently for a chance to win a spot in our weekly roasts, where YouTube’s top experts will watch your video live and deliver personal feedback.

Discover the ultimate blueprint for growing on YouTube.

Producing high-quality videos consistently can be intimidating. But it's the only way to grow. In this bootcamp, you’ll hear from a wide variety of top creators about how they combined a unique set of skills, passions, and platform knowledge to grow quickly.

Get exclusive access & discounts to industry-leading tools and software!

Every member of Creator Now receives free trials and/or discounts on platforms and tools including Epidemic Sound, Adobe, Slip.Stream, Notion, and much more. Also, you’ll get the exact production system Notion template that Airrack uses himself!

We'll literally pay you for trying 💰

If you publish a video every week, complete our challenges, attend all our workshops and still aren't satisfied, we'll give you 110% of your money back. We'll literally pay you free money just for trying.



Can I opt-out of posting every week?

Yes, of course. We can't force you to do anything. But if you're new here, we suggest pushing yourself to post weekly. Experienced creators with a track record and engaged audience have the freedom to experiment with consistency more. Super early in your creator journey, posting imperfect videos weekly will help you learn and grow so much faster than trying to post one perfect video every few months.

Do I need to edit on a particular software?

no, you can use whatever editing software you’re most comfortable with. we know most creators use final cut pro or adobe premiere, but you can also use imovie, davinci, or whatever else you have access to. our only note is - while editing on a desktop / laptop computer isn’t an absolute requirement - we do suggest it. you’ll get the most out of the learning experience on desktop, not mobile.

What’s actually expected of me if i join?

Look, not to be cliché, but you get out what you put in. So the better question is, what do you expect from yourself? Baseline from us is: show up ready to learn, create, improve, and connect every single week, and this experience can be life-changing.

What if I work or go to school full-time?

Almost everyone starts by making videos on the side until they make enough money to go full-time. When our co-founder, Airrack first started in 2020, he was running a production company full time and only making videos on nights and weekends. This is part of the grind, so all good if you have other obligations as well!

What is this whole team thing?

YouTube seems like a solo endeavor, but we think the best creators treat it like a team sport. Think of your team like a group chat full of your closest collaborators - who you can count on for feedback, support, and accountability. But it's not just a group chat. Your team will also compete against other teams for the cohort grand prize.

Where does the community live?

We've built our community on our own custom platform & a new community app called Geneva. We've got leaderboards, video hangout rooms with screen sharing that you can just stumble into to discuss topics like idea generation, editing, storytelling, brand deals, and more...

What is a video roast?

Roasts are live Zoom sessions where top YouTubers watch community videos every single week during the bootcamp. Frame by frame, they break down editing devices, music choices, cold opens, and more — to help you learn the principles of YouTube storytelling.

Who are the workshop hosts?

We are bringing together some of the smartest minds we know in the YouTube world & the community's most favorite hosts from the past year to share the secrets they've learned this year. We have sessions & panels on topics including idea generation, algorithm, editing, storytelling, Shorts, setting up your business, and more.

Will the workshops and roasts be recorded?

Yes! You will have access to workshop recordings 24 hours after the live sessions. Access these workshops through web or through our Creator Now mobile app!

What if I don’t make videos exactly like Airrack?

Many creators in the community don't make videos like Airrack. We've had creators from all over the globe with channels in of all different sizes in all sorts of nichés. And we've done our best to create an experience that focuses on the universal experiences that ALL YouTubers go through, and to give tools and resources that will help you no matter where you're at in this journey. We've also created little micro-communities inside of the larger community so that you can connect with more creators making similar stuff.

Can I join even if I've never made a video before?

Short answer: yes. Every great creator started at zero. But this all comes with a huge caveat. We don't want you joining this community, and not making the most of it. So we HIGHLY suggest figuring out a lot of the basics before the sprint starts — maybe follow a few YouTube editing tutorials and make a couple videos. We won't be teaching you how to pick up a camera, or the basics in Final Cut or anything like that. But if you really feel like you're ready to try this... let's get it.

When are the workshops and roasts normally held?

Workshop days & times are variable throughout the cohort to give everyone in our global community the chance to attend live, but most happen at 5pm PT / 8pm ET on week nights.

 Runs October 15th - November 27th